Vanity Life Studio, located in the heart of Downtown Dallas. We take pride in enhancing your natural eyelashes to its fullest potential! Being licensed professional eyelash extension stylists, believe in giving everyone an experience like no other. Waking up with an instant pop of lashes every morning boosts your confidence no matter what side of the bed you wake up on! So, come in and encounter high quality lash extensions and superb customer service! Book now! Wink later! luxurious upscale studio that specializes in eyelash extensions, facials, and make-up artistry while catering to any woman who loves opulence, is boldly beautiful and a trendsetter with elegant taste reveling in all things regal.

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Our professional, licensed and certified eyelash extension artist is ready to get you over the hump! So, come with no makeup on or around your eyelashes and prepare to be WOW’d!!!

This service takes all the fear and anxiety away from the start of your new beginning to a lash journey. It includes a sample application of 3 extensions applied on each eye as well as a set out time allotted for Q&A to ensure that you leave confident about all things lash! 

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